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About Us

Altered By Jen, About Us, Altered by Jen

The Art of Alterations

The art of alterations

On your special day, you deserve to shine.

It is not very often we are the centre of attention wearing something as figure revelling as a formal or bridal gown.

When you enter through the doors of Altered by Jen, our team of seamstresses are here to customise any type of gown or clothing item to ensure it perfectly fits your individual shape.

Every body is different, which is why it is our philosophy that alterations help to craft garments that ensure you wear the clothes, rather than letting the clothes wear you.

From bridal wear and formal gowns, to suits and special occasion outfits, through to the hem that needs to be taken up on your trousers, no alternation is too complex or too simple for us.

Our carefully crafted story

For our Founder Jennifer Arthur, a passion for fashion and style was established at a young age. She began her interest by sewing clothes for her Barbie dolls and Cabbage Patch dolls before pursuing textiles and design as a subject in high school.

Jennifer went on to complete two years of fashion college in Melbourne and an apprenticeship with a dressmaker specialising in making formal wear for all ages and sizes.

After moving around the country for 18 years, she finally returned home to the Hunter Valley and found her purpose: helping people of all ages feel good about themselves.

In the present day, Jennifer’s unwavering passion remains steadfast in delivering personalised and attentive services to her clientele. For over a decade she has been focused on altering clothing items for various occasions, always prioritising the style and unique requirements of every individual.

Step through the doors of Altered by Jen’s atelier

Our alteration studio is located in the picturesque town of Morpeth, New South Wales. Situated on the Hunter River, the studio is nestled between tea houses, quaint antique stores, and boutiques.

Our team will make your visit as comfortable as possible while you are having your fitting. Our studio is a safe space of no judgement. We are dedicated to making sure your experience with us is as stylish, smooth and enjoyable as possible

Altered By Jen, About Us, Altered by Jen
Altered By Jen, About Us, Altered by Jen

Interested in booking a fitting?
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